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:uhoh21: Is it true that they are phasing out LPN's.....especially in Ohio?? Unable to get a job now for 8 months(I'm fresh out of nursing school), I have been told that they are phasing us out. I didn't spend $7,000.00 and 9... Read More

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    there are tons of jobs here in Texas, don't know why you can't get one where you are now...we have so many openings ther are all kinds of sign on bonuses..extra incentives and so forth, good luck on your journey for work. god bless and take care..Kelley

    Quote from Debbie_LPN
    :uhoh21: Is it true that they are phasing out

    LPN's.....especially in Ohio?? Unable to get a job now for 8 months(I'm fresh out of nursing school), I have been told that they are phasing us out. I didn't spend $7,000.00 and 9 months of my life to be unemployed! :angryfire Did anyone else feel the same right out of nursing


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    I live in Canada and as far as i know they are hiring more LPNS then RNS in certain areas, our scope of practice is growing so much, we can almost do as much as RNS do. Recently a whole staff of RNS got laid off and they rehired only LPNS.
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    Quote from chelsea32
    I live in Canada and as far as i know they are hiring more LPNS then RNS in certain areas, our scope of practice is growing so much, we can almost do as much as RNS do. Recently a whole staff of RNS got laid off and they rehired only LPNS.

    Well, that's a shame.
    RNs and LPNs have so much to contribute at each level of nursing.
    I value working with the RNs I work with, because I know they have more education than I do, and I rely on them to advise me, when necessary.
    To lay off a whole staff of RNs is not a good idea at all, nor would it be so to lay off the LPNs.
    Just looks like we aren't ever going to come to an agreement with the powers that be, that RNs and LPNs are NEEDED.
    In the type of job I work in, the RNs are ultimately responsible for everything that happens, even when they are just "on call". Even tho I'm also responsible they must know things also as they happen, to make sure we are providing what we're supposed to.
    We couldn't operate OUR facility without them, and altho I know they COULD operate by replacing the LPNs with all RNs, the state of Arkansas isn't going to do that, because it would cost too much. So I feel the LPNs on my job are safe.
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    I live in Califonia, and yes the hospital's out here are beginning to use LVN's as "glorified CNA's." They are taking away a lot of things that we can do. The pay is good, but, that doesn't mean we want to be glorified. There are several of new grad that are finding it very difficult getting work. Our patient ratios in the acute care is 1:6. It is now a law for this state.
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    I live in southern Ohio and have been an LPN since 1984....granted I love working in the long term care setting. Which is why I have never had a problem getting a job. There are plenty long term care...with pay for 2nd shift for new grads up to $20 per hour. Now in my case I have done MDS' and Restorative nursing, which now requires an RN. So I am trying to get my RN, not for more pay, not to work in the hospital (been there done that) but because I will have more flexibility. Bottom Line...the population is getting older...the need in long term care is greater. I have heard that I as a LPN will be phased out since 1984....AND I AM STILL HERE !!! Maybe you need to rethink what you want to do. Most facilities have skilled units that are very close to Med-Surg floors. Think about that direction.
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    I work in a local community hospital for 2 years a couple months, had been out of nursing for over 21 years,(burnout). I work the medical floor 11-7. A lot of nights, if we have one to two rn/s we are lucky. They do the push meds, chemo,blood trans. After they start the blood, we monitor the pts. We carry the pt load, do assessments. start peripheral i.v.'s hang fluids, piggybacks, no central lines, due to hosp rules, we read the charts and sign ,after the orders have been taken off by the rn.s we check the mars at the start of shift for accuracy. we have pt load and pass meds, etc. Most of the lpns around here are in dr's offices or at the long term care facilities. but we make less money than they do, the bennies are nice. I was lucky to get a job here, after being out so long. knew a lot of employees here, that helped. so i don't see how they could phase out lpns in illinois.
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    I'm new I'll try to tag on to this thread appropriately.

    I've been an LPN since 1985. Even back then the threat of phasing out LPN's was talked about. We where told "there will alway's be a place for LPN's in the health care field". Some went on to get their 2,3 or 4 year RN degree's right away.....some like myself went right to work(I was a single parent with a small child, I needed to work at a job with benefits right away).

    I've been working pretty much full time ever since. Sure....I took what I could get but really enjoyed every position. I was able to get into a State position right after graduating. I stayed there for 6 years and learned so much (I was in one of the first Expanded role of the LPN classes offered). I was able to insert NG's/GT's right away, do phlebotomy for lab tests, as well as become a Charge Nurse. Since then..I've worked in just about every aspect of Health Care including Managing a Home Medical Company as well as an ADON.

    Today, I live in the midwest and have started to hear these things again. Just the other day while at work, my boss was telling me about a meeting she was in, in which a group of RN's where appauled that I...ME .. LPN! was doing the job I do. They went on to ask my boss why..she wasn't afraid to let me do the job I do (I'm a Community Nurse...part of a team where RN's and LPN's work together as a whole..really no difference between us...we are all introduced as "NURSES"). She (my boss..who by the way has a Masters in Nursing) proceeded to tell these RN's that I was more than capible to do the job ...probably better than her. I've come to the conclusion that maybe..possibly it is a FEAR that this mentality has..a FEAR of just maybe an LPN may take the job that they may want some day. Also...there is a bit of anger possibly because they went to school longer than LPN's and they feel that makes them "Better". may be more book smart...but you are not BETTER. Experience is the key. You learn so much more by doing it than reading it. I've had to show BSN RN's and MSN RN's how to insert a foley catheter...I've been asked what simple medications such as Colace is used for.....I've had to deal with families who have lost a loved one because they couldn't do it...and why??? Because I've done these things over the years..

    I've been lucky. I've been able to work often with people who do not judge the letters that follow my name. They have allowed me to grow as a person and as a Nurse while keeping me within the scope of practice allowed. I personally have no desire to work in a Trauma Unit or Teach or Manage a department. I just want to be a NURSE..plain & simple.

    I'm 40 now. I have no desire to go back to school. I truly hope that Nursing as a whole gets a clue. There is a Nursing shortage. Lets all bring something positive and good old experience to the table. Lets cut the "I'm an RN and you're only an LPN" way of thinking. There is a place for all of us in this field.
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    Most of the LPN jobs in my area are for hospice, long term care, offices. I've noticed many hospitals that have stopped hiring LPNs. I remember when I was looking to relocate I applied to some places and even the hospital at the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio called me. I chose the LPN route because I wanted to work quickly and I'm glad that I did. The experience has been wonderful and I think I'll be a better nurse because of it as I continue my education.

    I've received disdain from some RNs--one who couldn't believe that I was a supervisor--and yet the RNs I work with treat me like a NURSE--we can't change people, only our reaction and situation. There are LPN jobs out there. They may not involve the scope of practice that is desired, but just having the experience to put on a resume is valuable.
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    Denless, I am 51 and I also do not wish to go back to school. I am happy being an LPN, even though the hosp where i work puts restrictions on my nursing, I can live with it. the Rn's I currently work with value my experience and nursing. I have met up with some nurses, both LPNs and RNs who give others hassles, I don't have time for that stuff. Life is too short! For those who want to go on to become RN's , good for you. It takes a lot of strength to work and go to school.
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    LPNs are an asset to the medical profession. They are the RN's right hand in patient care. I work in a Subacute rehabilitation unit in a hospital and there are LPNs working with me. Although there are certain tasks that are beyond the scope of the LPN here (hanging blood, Central lines, etc.,) They are part of the team.
    I used to be an LPN. I became an RN because there was a threat of the "phasing out" in the eighties too. But it never materialized.

    good luck


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