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  1. Hello! Over the past 2 years while getting my LPN education, I've many of times used this site as reference, but have never had enough time to actually sit down, join, and post something. Well, now I'm finding myself graduated and am now a licensed LPN going out for multiple job interviews and am in need of some advice!
    To start; I have absolutely no experience beyond 3 clinical rotations from school when it comes to healthcare. However, I do feel that I learned TONS from my clinicals.
    So far, I've interviewed for 2 positions, both being in LTC and I nailed the first one and have received an offer, however, it's a day/eve rotation and my husband occasionally travels for work and we cannot get daycare at 5am, so I'm leaning towards politely declining. Tomorrow I'm interviewing for 2 different clinic job opportunities. One at a general practice clinic and one at a foot/ankle surgery clinic.
    So... I'm wondering if there are any pointers on a clinic interview vs LTC. Are there any specific questions I should ask during these interviews. At the LTC interviews I've been asking about ratio, length of orientation/training, retention/turnover rate, & what the scheduling is like. Is there anything that applies specifically to a clinic that I should ask about?
    Thanks in advance! I look forward to all the comradery on this forum!!
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  3. by   em1025
    How did your interview go? I hope they went well
  4. by   sauzie
    They both went well! Thanks for asking! I don't think I'll get one of them because I don't have actual employment experience in the healthcare field. The interviews from yesterday were interview #3 & 4 of 5 I have scheduled so far. As of about an hour ago, I'm 2 for 2 with interviews resulting in job offers!! Now to make the decision to either take one or wait and see if I get an offer from one of the places from yesterday...