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Can anyone give me an exact link that tells me ALL the specifics for the scope of practice for an LPN is? I found a link on the state board of nursing that tells me all about the IV med things (and of course that is out of my... Read More

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    Quote from Maremma
    Well thankfully no one there has tried to get me to do any veni punctures or start/ hang any IV's. (of course those are blatantly obvious no no's).......

    That is a perfect example of how scopes vary. I most areas LPNs can do those things.

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    If I was you OP I'd get the heck out of that job, fast.
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    I agree completely! It's scary being around people who don't care or don't know for sure. I certainly don't know everything but when uncertain I try and find an answer BEFORE I do something. Thank goodness my work has predominantly in clinic setting----I would pull my hair out in yours. Keep your chin up and pray and hopefully something will happen that helps us both. I wish that the board was easier to navigate and had more user friendly ways to communicate problems, so we had more literature to give employers. Also that ethics weren't slipping away. So sad
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    I'm from Kentucky.. And we were taught to start IVs, hang antibiotics and start fluids.. So crazy how every state is different and the only thing we can't do is push pain meds. Good luck to you!

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