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OK... I knew this would happen and i need advice.. So i just started my new position and I'm in the orientation phase, which is involving IV therapy training. I'm a LPN new grad and was in class today and the IV THERAPY RN NURSE... Read More

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    really!! that would be weird, to ask the BON and they refuse on you. I recently asked if LPNS could take critical labs over the phone from lab, bc for some odd reason they don't let us at this hospital. They replied so quickly and said YES..its within our scope to accept a critical and notify the physician. Some of the rules are just odd.

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    Quote from Rico84
    really!! that would be weird, to ask the BON and they refuse on you.
    I thought it was weird too. I even asked my state assemblyman for help. Still no answer from the PA BON.

    Interesting though, they have pending legislation clariying the very issue I raised but it has sat idle or two years.
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    what kind of question do you have?
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    Quote from Rico84
    what kind of question do you have?

    I wanted to know if LPN's could access and maintain PICC lines. I had already read the NPA and nowhere was ANY VAD mentioned but the question was brought by up by many coworkers so I decided to go to the top for an answer and was turned away citing some legal drivel why they could not advise me even though the NPA says they can.
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    Quote from TheCommuter
    i hope that this helps.
    Um, you are amazing!!This is helpful to everyone. So, I'm a new grad LPN from MI and NAPNES certified, this means I can do an IV push?...don't want to get terminology wrong

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