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This may seem petty to some but to me it's kind of a big deal. So I was at clinicals today with my RN program this just so happens to be the same hospital I work at on the weekends. My boss caught me... Read More

  1. by   nursebey
    Im not understanding why they put LPN on your badge, but I agree with the post that says stop performing LPN duties. I would ask for a job description and get it signed by HR. Every job Ive had I get a job description and offer letter. Its not that youre operating out of your scope of practice becasue youre licensed as LPN, but youre doing stuff a CNA shouldnt be doing and I would be concerned. When I was a fresh grad LPN the hospitals and facilities would not hire me as a STNA (CNA) because I had the LPN license and they felt it was a gray area. If youre employed as a CNA do CNA work only or you may have to find a new position.
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  2. by   staceychristo
    What about working below your scope of practice? I was told that once I graduated with my LPN degree, I was no longer allowed in the state of New Jersey that is, to work as a CNA.
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