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Looking for LPN internship for new graduate

  1. 0 I am a Practical Nursing student in Northern Virginia. I graduate in June 2010and will be taking the NCLEX in July or August. When I started the LPN program in Sept. 2008 I was under the impression that there would be jobs when I finished. Now all the hospitals in this area are no longer hiring LPNs(they want RNs only). I am finding that most places that still hire LPNs are looking for at least 1(one) year experience(LTC). I am looking for an internship to get into and I am willing to relocated to do so. I'm wondering if anybody knows of any internship programs for LPNs
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    Hi Annette-

    I am applying for an LPN program in the NOVA area as well and wanted to inquire on your internship quest and how that ended for you back in 2010. I assume you are working as a LPN by now but I wanted to ask which school you attended and where you interned afterwards....thanks much for your advice on this matter.