License Renewal in Nevada

  1. Hello. I am new to this forum and am seeking advice. Let me begin my introducing myself and explaining my dilemma. My name is 'KK' and I graduated nursing school in 2008 in California. I passed the NCLEX here (NV) in 2010 and was injured at another temporary job. My license is up for renewal in six weeks and I'm running around like a chicken with my head cut off trying to get these CEUs completed in time.

    My question is this: Do I have to take a refresher course? I have never worked under my license, mainly d/t my injury, but am ready to go now. I will get the CEUs completed...but I really don't want to have to take a refresher course.

    The State Board's website says:

    "According to NAC 632.192 (4): An applicant for renewal of a license who has not practiced nursing during the immediately preceding 5-year period must complete a course or program approved by the Board if he has otherwise satisifed the requirements for renewal set forth in this chapter and chapter 632 of NRS."

    Yes, I will call the board tomorrow morning. I was just hoping to possibly obtain some information tonight and meet some fellow nurses. It was also suggested to me that if I found a job asap, it wouldn't be an issue...but I know nurses WITH experience are having difficulty finding brand new "baby nurses" must be having an even harder time...

    Thank you for your time.