IS Lpn going to decrease next coming years? - page 2

I am going to the LPN program this year and i have heard some people say that the LPN program is going to end , and in future they don't need LPN anymore. is that true? i am worry.... Read More

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    No way We're advocating for ourselves and our on going expanded scope of practice reflects that!

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    I am an LVN. It took me over 7 months to find a job. I had to provide Hesi scores and my transcript to my current employer. Thankfully i have a high gpa and scored over 1100 on my hesi or I doubt I would be employed now. Jobs for new grads are hard to find.

    If I had known I this before I entered the LVN program I would have gone the 2yr RN route.

    No hospitals hire lvn's here. Your only option is clinic work, nursing home or Dr. offices. Most won't hire a new grad.
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    I am an unemployed LPN I have applied for 60 jobs in a month. Recently I have recieved only 1 interview...still waiting to hear back from them. I went to my local Career Center and was told LPN's are not considered in-demand in our area yet LPN schools keep turning out LPNs. I was told Personal care techs, CNAs, and Medical assistants..etc...are now being used in place of LPNs. The advice I recieved was 1) go back to school and get my RN license (which I am somewhat scared to do as many RNs are starting to have difficulty finding employment)
    2) My advisor told me she could help me "dumb down" (HER WORDS-NOT Mine) my training and getting a lessor certification to make me employable now.
    So I am extemely disgusted with this due to the fact I worked hard to get my license and spent a mere 2 years in the field only to become jobless and not very employable (LPNs are used in some nursing homes and home health but the competition is fierce because so many are competing for the same jobs. So now that I am at the drawing board and having to start over, I regret the choice I made to become an LPN. However, I am only speaking to my experience and my intention is not to discourage you. Just to warn you to research your area, talk to your career center (if you haven't already), talk to friends or family in the field, and scout the jobs in your area. I sincerely hope you have a great experience in whatever you do. Good luck!

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