I'm pregnant and have my 1st LPN Interview!!!! Ahh!

  1. [FONT=tahoma]Hi Everyone...

    So I am 27 weeks pregnant and my due date is September 29th! I graduated from my LPN program in December 2011. Since I found out I was pregnant, I haven't been applying for jobs much- only a few here and there. I recently got a call from the Veterans Home in my state to go in for an interview! I really REALLy really have always wanted to work as a LPN in the VA!

    The sad part is I am soo excited abuot this interview and want to do my best to get this job- BUT I am afraid they will discriminate me and say "Oh we're sorry but you're not the best candidate for this position."

    Has Anyone here applied for a job as an LPn and got hired on while pregnant?? Know of anyone?? My situation seems hopeless.

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  3. by   LPNKay
    I'm 23 weeks pregnant and recently had a a interview for a pedi office and at the interview I told them that I was pregnant because I felt it was going well and just yesterday received a call back stating they were interested in me and asked for references so do what feels right for you......
  4. by   CNA1991
    Congrats! I think you should be ok.
  5. by   jessi22
    Hi everyone.
    I am happy to join this site. I recent graduated as LPN and tomorrow is my 2nd interview for LTC facility with the nurse recruiter. What should I know and be prepare for that and get the position ?...I heard some facilities take a test about medication for new hires . Is anyone who can provide me information about it ?...I really want to do my best and be prepared for it . Since, LPN jobs for recent graduates is hard to find, getting an interview is an opportunity and I dont want to miss it . Thank you . I will post it if I get the job ans share my experience that can help others.