Hospital Corpsman to LVN

  1. Hello, I am a former Hospital Corpsman and have a few questions about this process. Mostly concerning timeframes. I've submitted my application and paid the application fee (on Nov 14th 2017.). I had an issue with the application and could not upload a few things like my performance evals showing 12+ months of ward time, etc. I finally got these documents to my evaluator on 12 December. She claimed my DD-214 looked "fake" because my reserve obligation termination date was 16 december 2017 but I have been off active duty and a veteran since february 2015. She didn't understand how that these 2 dates could exist despite it listing my separation date of feb 2015. She claimed she would re-evaluate my application for expedited processing by the end of that week. I have sent another email and see that my breeze account has still not been updated from listing the delinquencies I mentioned I wasn't able to include in original application. I'm wondering if any of you have any experience with the average wait time of a "military expedited application" for a vet, to when you received your authorization to test. From my limited knowledge once I get it, I simply pay pearsonvue $200 and take the NCLEX PN, wait to see if I pass or fail. Once passed I pay an additional fee for the actual license and wait for that in the mail, correct? (how long was this part of the waiting game for you?)
    Thank you very much for any responses