Help! Maintaining my med cart prior to corporate and state survey

  1. Sadly, I work the AM shift when all things happen and the shift where they actually expect you to do everything. The other two shifts feels like they're are just there to watch the facility until the morning shift arrives which leaves me the lone person to manage my station's med cart

    I am expecting corporate survey to come in next week and I'm currently cleaning up my cart for old/unused medications. Please correct me if I am wrong. I have OCD when it comes to cart maintenance so sometimes I question myself

    1). We are asked to date our opened bottles (like tylenol, vitamins, ibuprofen, etc, OTC stuffs) but we are not told when to throw em away (except when they're expired, duhh). So whats the guideline in this? 28 days / 38 days like insulins / pen insulins? 30 days? how long can they stay after opening them?

    2). How about for liquid medications? OTCs and Prescriptions
    3). Inhalants (1 month to 1 1/2 months?)
    4). Nitroglycerin (as far as I know, 6 months?)
    5). Eye drops (as far as I know, 6 months)
    6). Nasal Sprays (6 months?)

    If you guys have a visual chart / web resources please link it. I've been looking for an hour but I can't find one. I always find "how to administer drug..." kind of resources.

    Thank you
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  3. by   MomaNurse
    Hi! I am new here but I was always the OCD 11-7 nurse when I worked nursing homes so I feel your pain! I think it's really important for you to have it just "perfect" because it is corporate. So, don't freak, there isn't an exact or true number for any particular drug. So, this is the part you will love, go to your policy and procedure manual (whatever it is in your facility-- corp compliance manual,etc.) or pharmacy manual, and make a cheat sheet like you did in your post.
    YYY SOL'N: 24HRS
    Then date it, keep it current and keep it in your nursing things. I know this doesn't satisfy your nerves, but when they come to watch you play their game, you'll be glad you read their rule book.
    Good Luck!!