Graduation time and worried about job search, moving across country!

  1. Hello! I'll be graduating in August and figure it's about time to start the job panic. I'm 28 y/o and just beginning in the healthcare field (went to college for prevet for a yr and ended up in a messy string of surgeries. Too concerned about my own health at that time to go back). I've excelled in school so far but I know that is not what counts in the job search. To add fuel to the fire, my other half and I are planning to move to the LA area in October. I currently live in Pennsylvania. Anyone living in the LA area or California in general that can provide ANY advice on where to begin would be greatly appreciated. I know I have to get an endorsement due to my license being from PA, and I have that part down. I am willing to start anywhere as long as it helps pay the bills. Not afraid of hard work! Let the panic ensue. Ah!
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  3. by   studentnurse50
    Hi! your post caught my eye because I am originally from PA and started my nursing education there at Lancaster General a long time ago-only to postpone it for an overseas military move.

    Is your spouse/partner military? Mine is Active Duty.

    I basically did the opposite of what you are doing right now. I finished my ADN in California in December, did NCLEX review in January, tested and moved to Georgia also in February of 2012. The Georgia endorsement process is long and complicated. Getting my license in California was easier than getting my GA endorsement. Anyway, where I graduated from in California, (central coast region), no hospitals are hiring new graduates. One of my classmates got a job in an ER in southern California-but only because he knows someone who knows someone. There are some hospitals in southern California hiring new grads, so there is hope down there.

    One thing that is absolutely vital for your nursing practice in California is to know Spanish. If you don't already know it, learn it. Start working on it now. Take as many courses as you can and if you can find a medical Spanish class, take it to make sure you are as prepared as possible. There is great diversity in California and the culture is vibrant. Blessings on your graduation, testing and moving.