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Hey everyone, so I'm new at this and I would really appreciate some feedback that could possibly save my career as a nurse... My first job as a LVN is working at a skilled nursing home and the... Read More

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    oh another thing.... did you know... where I work... the nurses in a non-trauma setting, freak out when they have 3 patients at one time and there are 2 of whom have orders at once.

    So as a LTC nurse... you have 30+ pts. All 30 have a minimum of 6 PO meds (talking minimum). The Average patient probably has around 10. 8 pts have wound care to be completed. All need to be showered, toileted, cleaned, and fed. 4 are total care/feeds. 20 of those patients are on BP medications and need daily VS and at least half of which need daily weights. Another 12 are accuchecks. That is just the morning basics.... Do you know how hard the morning acute care RNs would LOSE their stuff if they had to take care of those same 30 pts with just 2 UAPs to help them..... the RNs wouldn't stand for it. So why does it stand in LTC? RARRRRRRR I'm so angry about this.

    Several other of my LPN cohorts plant to become MSN RNs of various types and create our own nursing homes to help those poor geriatric patients get the care they deserve and encourage proper care by the nursing staff with standardized nurse (LPN or RN) to pt ratio.

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    I totally felt exactly the same when I first started in LTC. I had three days training and felt completely thrown to the wolves. I was a new graduate, it was my first job, it was horrifying.

    My first few weeks I was there at least two hours over every night.

    And on top of that, everyone around me had atrocious nursing habits. No one wore gloves, things weren't clean, paper charting was a mess. Well, most of those things are still going on.

    But the job had gotten easier. I found a routine, got to know the people there, and just pushed through.

    It'll get better, just keep going
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    Feel like I could've posted in the same boat pls keep us updated.

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