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Expired Texas LVN license

  1. 0 Hello all! I need a little help. For some reason, I thought my license did not expire till 5/13, In 09/12 one of my nosey nursing classmates called me and told me my license was expired. I immediately completed my CEUs and sent in my payment. I searched and searched to see if I needed to stop working, but I got no answer and the Texas BON is so hard to get a hold of. I would be on the phone for hours and no answer or the busy signal. I read the LVN and RN over 90 days renewal and only the RN said you needed to stop working. So I continued to work. Since I had sent my payment, CEUs and paper work I completely forgot about it thought I was ok. Well today I happened to be on the TX BON and checked my license... Still listed as expired. I called and after continuously calling and finally getting to someone they said they never received anything. Well I moved and I cant find my money order receipt. I asked about working and the representative said I shouldn't be working :-/ I informed my employer that I can't do any nursing duties until I hear back from the BON. I sent my paperwork and payment again through certified mail so I can track it this time. I'm so afraid of what the consequences are going to be. Has anyone ever had this happen to them? or know what they can do? I have searched and searched for an answer and I can't find anything for LVNs only RNs. HELP!

    Also, when I spoke to the representative today, I asked her the same question and she said she had no idea what would happen
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