Entry Level Lpn Resume

  1. Hello Ladies,

    After many months of waiting on BVNPT to make their decision on my licenses, I am finally getting my license!

    So now I have to put together my resume, do you have any tips on what a entry level lpn resume should look like? I have worked in healthcare and currently working at Cedars Sinai Medical Center but it seems that everyone wants at least a year of nursing experience to land a job.

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  3. by   NamasteNurse

    Do a skills based resume. You have specific skills from your work, and clinicals such as :
    med admin including IV's, PO, injections.
    blook sugar monitoring
    O2 admin
    trach care
    wound dressings
    direct pt care
    etc. be honest and put whatever your skills are.
    you can also put things like excellent oral and written communication skills if that's true.
  4. by   LIZZIE1027
    thanks I was so stuck on the I have no experience portion of this whole job search I forgot to include things like you mentnioed.
  5. by   tiffnie
    Yes definitely include clinical experience as well as any other positions youve held that show your working habits. I am a new grad but i was just hired at an acute hospital, and I know a part of it was because I have 6 years of customer service experience, 3 as management, even though I have no nursing experience. In the interview they focused a lot of the questions on how I assisted my clients with problems, and related that to working with patients in the nursing field. So it might help to focus on all that you have accomplished in the field that you are in now, they will take it into account.