Don't loose hope!

  1. I just wanted to share something to you guys, I know that a lot of new grads have a hard time applying and getting a job! I, too complained because I thought once I finished LVN school, I would have jobs lined up left and right.

    A little background about me: I was initially going to apply to a BSN program, but for one reason or another-- things didn't go as planned. I then settled to get my LVN since I was really eager to just start with my career. All while going to school full time, I picked up a part time job. My aunt was a Case Manager at a hospital, so she was able to get me into a skilled nursing facility. I worked as an activity assistant, the director iof activities hated me cus she felt that I was "slowly" taking her job. I spoke to my boss and asked if I could do more work based on my career. She then me a caregiver/med-tech, I was doing that for a good 6months. I learned ALOT! A lot of the caregivers were giving me soo much crap, so I eventually got tired of it (but I loved all my patients) and quit right when I got hired to do a scanning project for a clinic (better pay too!)

    Fast fwd, passed my boards and got my LVN license. My job hunt was probably a lot easier than most. I found myself obessesing over craigslist, monster, careerbuilder, glassdoor and indeed. Almost everyday I would look at the job ads and would just turn in my resume or fill out an application where they didn't require any experience. It was disheartning because a lot of the jobs I wanted.. I couldn't apply for. They all needed experience, and to me it was like "How am I supposed to get experience when no one wants to hire me?" It was a grueling process. I reached out to a lot of people who knew people, maybe they could help me out. I networked a lot, plus I have a lot of fam&friends who are in the medical field. Finally, after a month or two, I got an interview at a subacute hospital. I was offered a full time position with benefits. I start next month!

    I know that a lot of people are frustrated with the new grad job search, but seriously there is something for you. When I was applying, I wasn't picky about areas or job responsibilities. I was just applying everywhere, I got about 4 phone calls for an interview, all from craigslist ad (be aware of scammers tho). I put myself out there and let them know I was eager. So don't loose hope, and do everything in your power to do so! It's all worth it.
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