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I graduated from Chicago public schools practical nursing program in june 2012. I've been studying to take boards for my LPN but I'm also looking for a job as a CNA so that I'll be able to pay for it w/o depending on my mom. I... Read More

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    sharonp30, Congratulations on your decision to go back to school, and for making up your OWN mind that being an LPN was for you. I think there are many Nurses out there that feel the pressure of others to go to RN school and when they do, they find it a bit too much sometimes, what with work and school or taking care of their family what have you. Nurses sometimes do a great disservice to other nurses when they push them to go for their RN as they just aren't prepared in any number of ways, be it financially, mentally, family wise, etc, but the nurse feels backed into a corner because it seems as if everyone else is moving on with school but him or her. Being an LPN, is an honorable profession and let me tell you, in my own career, I have worked with many very fine LPN's. There are many LPN's that I have had the honor of working alongside of that I would prefer over that of some of the RN's I've been stuck with, a couple of them have been Master's prepared. Believe me, Sharon, education does not make the Nurse, that is only a very small part of it. I've had a Master's prepared nurse literally spinning around in circles in the doorway of a coding patient's room, and I had to pick her up by her elbows and set her to the side so others could enter the room and code the patient. Study hard and pay attention to your clinicals, that is where you will learn the most actual nursing. You will do fine. And thanks for joining the finest group of people in the world, it's hard work, but if you love what you do, you'll never work a day for the rest of your life.

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    You are young and have your whole life ahead of you. Take the LPN boards, do a little work, do a little school, get all those pre-equisites out of the way, then think about where you want to go from there. There's a whole wide world out there, go for it!! Sounds like your Mom is behind you 100% and so proud of you. And I know how it gets--cousins sometimes have a little competition's OK, you got this, be mindful that you don't have to decide this second what you want to become in the future. Now the time is right to take those boards bridge when and if you want to, and explore all the options. Best of luck!!
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    I have been a LPN for close to ten years. I am currently the wound care coordinator at a long term care facility. I am certified with National Alliance of Wound Care and I am Board certified by the American Board of Wound Management. I was told by several people through the years that I should be a R.N or I am frequently asked am I a RN. I enjoy being a LPN. I would say take your NCLEX-PN get your LPN then continue your education and be come a better RN. I believe the BEST RN'S have been LPN's and Cna's first. They have strong clinical skills and they understand the theory behind nursing. I unfortunately have to go back to bridge for my RN only because I need the two initials behind my name to go even further in my field. But I will say that I know some phenomenal LPN's and I have learned tons from them. So I say ALL of that to say this: FOLLOW YOU HEART AND FIRST THOUGHT.
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    Very well said misscutiecute. Anyone who doesn't think they can learn from someone else, simply because they might have what is considered a lesser license or not quite the same education, isn't as smart as they think they are. In fact, they have quite a lot to learn, if you ask me. Good luck in your future endeavors, what ever they may be.
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    Wow. I work as a CNA at a hospital and a patient asked if I was in nursing school and I told her I preparinf to take stateboards for my LPN and she says, "you know what LPN means? Likes to Play Nurse". #Awkwardness lol

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