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TB test northshore?

  1. 0 I am panicked ! I just realized the TB test for CSN has to be in by the 4th of Jan. The health unit in Hammond won't do it,,my Dr. is booked til the 8th. HELP ! Need a location of a clinic that can do it ASAP ! Anyone got any ideas???
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    Did you try calling your doctor's office and asking if it can be done without actually seeing the doctor? Sometimes if you have seen your doctor in the recent past s/he will let the nurse or tech do the TB test without actually being seen by the doctor.
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    I went to an after hours clinic to get mine done (they have regular hours too). It cost $40, but I couldn't get it done at my local health department. Might be an option for you.
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    I thnk that if you just call them back and explain your situation and your time frame they will understand and help you. This is something that you don't need to see the doc for. The nurse can do it- but remember that you have to return within 24 hrs for them to "read" your arm for a reaction.

    good luck
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    I think they do that at the wellness clinics at Walgreens:Snow:
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    Thanks for all the replies! I got it done this morning at United Med Care in Covington..$25,,will get it read on Wed. morn..then off to the school to turn it in..