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Summer in New Orleans - Nurse Tech Advice

  1. 0 Hi all - I am a nursing student from Philadelphia - I will be spending my summer in New Orleans and I'm looking for externship or summer nurse tech programs at hospitals in and around the area. I am hoping to network and get advice with knowledgeable nurses from New Orleans. I'd love any advice- what hospitals have good programs? Any community or volunteer nurse opportunities I can do on the side? Any advice would be great - thank you!
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    Both Ochsner and East Jefferson hospital have excellent summer tech programs. I am not sure where you will be living, but Ochsner offers positions at their Main Campus, Kenner, and West Bank locations.
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    I hear great things about Oschner and East Jefferson General Hospital. At my previous job, I had a lot of nurses as customers and always picked their brains about jobs. We have a great Childrens hospital too.

    I guess this answer largely depends on the person you ask. My doctor's office is at EJGH and I like it there. My grandpaw was in the hospital a lot at EJGH, so I guess I've gotten to know them well and I would work there, definitely.