St. Patrick's / Memorial Hospital in L.C.

  1. 0 hello! I have a question about tuition reimbursement at St. Pat's and Memorial in Lake Charles. I am going to be at McNeese and I'm wondering if either of those places do advanced pay (i.e. sign on to work for them for 2 yrs. and they pay your tuition as long as you make your grades) or if they only sign you after you get your degree? Also I'm not sure if any of the hospitals here offer anything like this or anything like OLOL's stipend etc?- any information would be greatly appreciated! I have really been having a hard time w/ financial aid... I am 22 and have lived on my own since the age of 16. Unfortunately the Dept. of Education will be looking at my parents income to determine my eligibility for aid until I am 24... my parents have a business and make too much money for me to qualify for assistance... so yea- thanks for your help and your time! :heartbeat
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