Smartphone and Charity

  1. I am looking to purchase a PDA for school, I could use a new cell phone so I was thinking that I could look at the smartphones. Then I read on here that it might cause some conflicts with schools/hospitals not permitting cell phones. Can anyone tell me if CSN/Hospitals have any rules or restrictions on the use of smartphones? And also what about just turning the phone off, then it is strictly a PDA? Any info would be greatly appreciated. I am looking to buy my PDA/Smartphone or whatever this weekend, so please reply!
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    I have a palm smartphone. There are alot of students who have them-teachers as well. I have had it for a year and have not purchased any materials (nursing software) to put on the phone. When you are being questioned about a patient, you are expected to know the patho, drugs, etc... on the spot-they don't let us look it up. I guess this is why I never put the software on the phone yet. Its cool that I can go on the internet thru my phone. I can look up anything I need- all at my fingertips. While you are doing clinicals, you are not allowed to pull out your phone-even if it is turned off. There may also be a privacy policy at the location that you are at (some places don't allow you to have a phone that has a camera on it). Phones are a huge no no on the telemetry floors too. Most of us keep our phones in our pockets and use them while on break- or sneak to use them in the bathroom.(ha..ha...)
    I love my phone. Good luck!
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    I never used a PDA when I was at Charity. More than likely, you should have looked up your meds the prior evening. If you do need to look up something, however, there are always drug books laying around the unit. I brought mine to clinical anyway, though.