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  1. Hi, I know this may sound crazy as Ive been living in Louisiana all my life but where is "Charity". I know of Earl K Long Charity Hospital but I didnt know they had any kind of school? I am attending Our Lady of the Lake College this fall, does anyone have any advice or information about that school? Thanks and good luck in the job market to all my fellow Louisianians
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  3. by   beejaycee
    In my experience, "Charity" refers to one of 3 things:

    1. "Big Charity," the public hospital in New Orleans (aka the Avery Alexander Medical Center of Louisiana Charity Hospital, I think) that was originally run by The Little Sisters of the Poor, (shuttered by Hurricane Whats-Her-Name and replaced with the Interim LSU Hospital)

    2. the "Charity system," which is the system of public hospitals operated by the state, of which "Big Charity" was part,


    3. the "Delgado/Charity School of Nursing," which use to be the "Charity School of Nursing" but was folded into Delgado and began offering its RN degree program as it moved away from its traditional diploma program.
  4. by   cpkRN
    "Charity" as mentioned on these boards would be reflected in beejaycee's #3 (you're being difficult young man... LOL!). The school is in downtown New Orleans on S. Claiborne Ave (intersection of Poydras and S. Claiborne).
  5. by   beejaycee
    You're right! I sure took the long way to get there, didn't I? It's that whole senility thing I've got going for me... You should see the look of pure terror on the faces of people foolish enough to ask me for directions. You'll find them parked alongside the road somewhere, sobbing, looking lost...