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  1. Hi, My name is Joe. I have been newly admitted into Southeastern's Nursing Program for Fall 2008. I am wondering if any of you literary types might be willing to spell out your experience thus far in the nursing program- in as many details as possible, but still keeping it concise. I just wanna know basic stuff. I'm looking ahead for issues that might arise, and I'm still stockpiling data so as to figure out just what questions I need to ask.
    • Does Rx medication or a past diagnosis of depression with general anxiety affect entrance into clinicals?
    • Can I keep my job without overloading myself?
    • Any good sources of funding, such as scholarships, grants, etc. available for the nursing student?
    • Any other tips that have helped you along your way, and things/ habits to avoid.
    Thanks for your time and consideration and help. May your karma reap the benefits...
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  3. by   *tattooed~princess*
    HELLO! well congrats first off! I don't really have too much info as I am a pre-nursing student... but as far as being diagnosed depression w/ GAD I don't think you will have much of a problem. I am also diagnosed (very similarly) and was told by an advisor that this is not something that will affect my standing w/ the school or ability to work in nursing! keep your chin up and remember you have what it takes if you have it in your heart! GOOD LUCK!!!