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  1. 0 I'm trying to get info about the steps to take to get into the Practical Nursing At CHARITY SCHOOL OF NURSING.I know that you have to apply first,an that they accept compass score's that is above the Minimum ,which I already have.But what do i do after that?
    Do i have to take developmental courses before I apply?An how do i get Eligibility for Math 118 and ENGL 101?
    Do I have to apply at Delgado and Charity?
    I'm a soon to be 34 yr old woman who has been a CNA for almost 13 yrs.I'm moving to Harvey and i'm really clueless as to the steps I have to take to try and get into the Practical Nursing program.I'm so serious about finally going for it.So if anyone on here has took the Practical Nursing program at CHARITY SCHOOL OF NURSING,Could you Pleaseeeeeeee help me out with any info?
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    I am in the ADN program at Charity not the Practical Nursing one, but have you tried looking here:

    PN / Technical Diploma - Charity - Delgado Community College

    and here:

    Good Luck!
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    Thank you for repling
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    I would advise taking any prereqs you need first before any nursing courses because you wanna be focused on only the nursing program. Check the catalog for the minimum amount and which courses but if you plan on going back for your RN within 5 years you may wanna go ahead and knock out A&P 1&maybe even 2. The pn program is now located at Delgado Jefferson so you would apply to Delgado, not to Charity. Most of your prerequisites can be taken at City Park or Westbank or they also offer some online I think. Hope this helps.
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    Thanks so much