Patient care tech interview with Ochsner Hospital

  1. Hello I hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving,

    I am new to this site and forum and am very excited announce that I have a patient care tech interview tomorrow morning for 9:30 am. It is a phone interview, which I have never had before. I am a nursing student with one year left.

    Can any one please offer some tips or maybe some hints about the type of questions they may ask???? I know it's not a "nurse tech" position but many people have told me that this job could lead to an actaul nursing job once I graduate. Soooo I am really excited yet really nervous about this interview!!!

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  3. by   cpkRN
    You're very lucky! Lots of applicants out there right now and many of my fellow students are upset that it's so difficult to even get called back! When I interviewed a year ago, it was basic questions: What is your biggest weakness? Biggest strength? It's a basic conversation. Just be you and never answer something in the negative - turn it around to a positive. I didn't get the job last year because I needed the entire month of June off (understandable), but the recruiter is very nice. Most people in my class working for Ochsner have the title "patient care tech" and some do have jobs lined up. Others don't because the job market is so slim right now and there aren't positions available on their respective units, but at least they have good contacts because of their job!