Our Lady of the Lake accelerated BSN Fall 2012....

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    Has anyone applied for OLOL BSN Fall 2012??? I heard acceptance letters are to be sent out sometime this week. I very anxious, nervous and nauseous . If anybody else has applied for Fall 2012 can you please let me know if you have heard any information about the selection process or any relevant information in general. I hope I get in, I have a lot of people counting on me and I would be crushed if I am rejected. Please pray for me .


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    Hey!!! I applied as well for Fall 2012. Called this morning and she told me letter will be sent out no later than April 30th! When she told me that I was so sick to the stomach! I'm not sure my GPA was good enough. Did you get the letter with the courses you need and the ones you are to complete before starting the program in the Fall?!! I'm so nervous!
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    And I will say a pray for you God has the FINAL say
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    I meant to put courses you already completed, and courses you need to complete before you can start the program in the Fall?!!
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    Hey Nelle0802!!!Thank you so much for replying. Yes I received that letter as well and I have all my courses completed. I to don't know if my GPA is good enough (3.2). Have you applied for other schools as well??? Anxiety is setting, I feel like I'm going to lose it with all this waiting. I'm from th N.O. area, how about yourself???? I pray we both are accepted.
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    The only thing I'm really worried about is how they calculate all course retaken in pre reqs...I feel that drops the GPA down a great deal! I have a 3.4 but that's before they calculate classes I took over which were only two! I hope we both get in. I live in the BR area, but I checked willing to attend Tulane if BR has no more spots! Are you going to Tulane or BR?!!! Im no sick to the stomach. Oh yeah I applied to Southeastern where I am now and Nicholls. Didn't get into SELU, GPA cut off was high this semester 3.56, so I'm glad I applied to other schools. I really want to go to OLOL was my first choice but it was so expensive to take pre reqs and do the nursing program there so I went the cheaper route at SELU!
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    I called today (04/25/2012) & the letters were sent out yesterday . So we should know something fairly soon. Also with your GPA you should be fine . But I'm alittle confused, how could you have chosen Tulane as an option??? For the 18 month BSN accelerated the only option is BR. Tulane was the 10 month ASN option and they are no longer taking part in the ASN curriculum.
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    Maybe it was Metairie I know both were up there when I submitted my application, to be considered for another cohort it said check which one you would like to be considered for! Im so nervous now. Our letters should be arriving with 2-3 days. I really don't want bad news because like you I have a lot of people counting on me to get in!
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    I received my acceptance letter today!!!! I'm super excited & eager to start.... I hope you hear something pretty soon as well. Keep me updated.
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    Oh my Gosh!!! Congratulations! I know you are excited, see prayers work I checked the mail this afternoon around 5, nothing yet Maybe tomorrow! I hope that I get it! I will let you know as soon as I open my letter and we can keep in touch because I'm pretty sure we will (if I'm accepted) have class and clinicals together!!!
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    Moved to LA Nursing Programs for more response.
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    @ Nelle0802Thank you, I am very excited!!! & yes God does answer prayers. I hope you are accepted as well, with your GPA I'm sure your acceptance letter is already in the mail. Also please K.I.T. maybe we can be study buddies. GOOD LUCK!!!!!!
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    I called the office today because I didn't get a letter today. Admissions told me the letters were sent out yesterday which is weird because you got yours yesterday...I hope it comes by tomm

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