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Hello :loveya:!!!! Has anyone applied for OLOL BSN Fall 2012??? I heard acceptance letters are to be sent out sometime this week. I very anxious, nervous and nauseous :confused:. If anybody else... Read More

  1. by   dai12
    Yes girl!! When I read the part when it said they were "pleased to inform me" my heart completely dropped! lol! But I just emailed the dean of nursing so hopefully she replies and I will call earllyyyy Monday morning to find out what exactly it is and what exactly I need to do! and its high?? Really?!! How do I go see that?? && I really hope we both do get in!!! and thats what i was thinking!!! and i dont understand how it doesnt go by rank, because what Im thinking is somebody with a lower rank then me can get in! Girl I dont know!
  2. by   dai12
    @ butterfly nurse Thanks girl so much! That's what I figured. For the pre-reqs I have left is the nursing intro class and the religion class which I was going to take in the summer anyway! But I will be sure to finish everything and keep calling like you say!!! I want them to get to know my name also so it could also give me a better chance at being accepted fully!
  3. by   Nelle0802
    Yes girl keep calling! I will they will get tires of us and just give us spots lol!!!! Hey persistence does work And we just need to get good grades all As I believe we have a strong chance we just need to keep the faith and be prepared!
  4. by   dai12
    hahahaha right!!! Wellll we shall see and hope everything works out!!! Also she responds to my email or they answer my call I will call keep you updated on what they say!
  5. by   dai12
    Hey Nelle,

    I was told on May 11,2012, that is the last day students accepted are able to turn in there forms if they accept or deny... So that is another chance for us to get in, if not we have literally up to the first class day to be called for a seat, so we just have to be patient and hope for the best.
  6. by   Nelle0802
    Really?!! That's kind of better because we wouldn't have to wait all summer to hear some news! Hopefully we both get in fingers crossed! Who did you speak with? I talked to someone in admissions and she practically said the sane thing, except for the May information! Thank you for the extra info I haven't had time to come on here been studying like crazy for my third micro lecture exam and micro lab final which was today
  7. by   Nelle0802
  8. by   dai12
    Oh you probably spoke to (MODERATOR EDIT OF NAME - PLEASE DO NOT POST NAMES OF INDIVIDUALS IN YOUR PROGRAM PER TOS) or however you spell it. I spoke to her too. I also spoke with (MODERATOR EDIT OF NAME - PLEASE DO NOT POST NAMES OF INDIVIDUALS IN YOUR PROGRAM PER TOS) like in that nursing admissions dept... she told me all the important info. & me too!! My last days of finals are next tuesday!!! I sooo can't wait! I have my micro final then, nervous! But good luck on everything!!! I wish up both well!!! Keep in touch!! Let me know about NSU also and if you need anything let me know, I would be glad to help!!!
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  9. by   Ljohn97
    Hell everyone. I was also put on the alternate list, I was wondering if those that were placed on the alternate list hear any more news or recieved another letter yet? I'm getting really nervous. Goodluckkk to everyone whose still waiting on answers!
  10. by   dai12
    Hi Ljohn97!!!

    No I didn't hear anything yet, but I'm hoping to hear something tomorrow like they said spots might open up on May 11th!! I am nervous and anxious. Hoping for the best! Good luck to you also!
  11. by   Ljohn97
    Hey dai12, so I found out where I'm at on the alternate list. Not to far but I guess far enough that kind of scare me! Do you know how many people they accepted into the program and how many people they actually wait listed? I got my grades back from this semester made all A's. All I have left to take is A&P2 Lab this summer. So I'm just praying for the best!
  12. by   Nelle0802
    Hey everyone!! It's been awhile. I got a phone call from admissions today. I'm in for the Fall! Hope you both get phone calls as well this week! Keep praying and trusting God! He works everything out I promise!
  13. by   Ljohn97
    I got in too!! Got a call today!! GOD IS GOOD!!!!!!!!! I'm so excited!! Keep faith everyone!!