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Hello :loveya:!!!! Has anyone applied for OLOL BSN Fall 2012??? I heard acceptance letters are to be sent out sometime this week. I very anxious, nervous and nauseous :confused:. If anybody else has applied for Fall 2012 can... Read More

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    @ Nelle0802, Hey sorry I took so long to write back... Im sure you still have a great chance... keep praying & so will I...trust me it will work out for you in the end. Keep me posted...God Bless
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    Omg!!! well anything is possible!!! like you say its still a great chance! Just dont give up. I am a senior, 21 here at NSU and Im not giving up! But what exactly is an alternate list, meaning more available seats??? I haven't gotten mines yet tho! Anyway, ookk I have to redo my GPA then! But for GPAs for NSU last semester ppl got in with 3.2's and up, however they were predominantly NSU students! I dont know anybody outside of NSU who applied. Me, I didn't get accepted last semester, just was qualified, and my GPA was a 3.3, but I had a couple retakes and was transferring 3 courses from other schools, so its pretty competitive! It's weird how they calculate everything!
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    Hey girl!! I got on the alternate list either!! Received my letter today! So do you know what that means!??? Like whats the next step. I will call Monday morning!
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    You got on the alternate list too?!!! I called three times Friday and left two voicemails and no one returned my call yet! You have to speak with the admission specialist. I've been looking up the rate at which people on alternate list get accepted and it's pretty high so hopefully we both get in! At least we didn't get total denied!!! But we both need to pray extra hard...the only thing about that is they can call you at anytime so does that mean we have certain extra days to complete it say if they call two days before school starts?!! That's what I want to know.
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    @ dia02....The alternate list is a waiting list, if a spot becomes available then they chose potential candidates from that list (I should know, I was put on the alternate list twice @ William Carey). I think they are looking for the completion of the prereq. Because @ Nelle0802 your GPA was much higher than mine & I also had 2 repeated courses (A&P II Lab & Micro Lab)... hopefully once you finish your required courses you both will be accepted... Keep calling they should let you know where you are on the list.... My friend is currently in the program & she says they never answer the phone.. If you have time take a ride to the campus and speak with someone in person....
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    Correction dai12....
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    Yes girl!! When I read the part when it said they were "pleased to inform me" my heart completely dropped! lol! But I just emailed the dean of nursing so hopefully she replies and I will call earllyyyy Monday morning to find out what exactly it is and what exactly I need to do! and its high?? Really?!! How do I go see that?? && I really hope we both do get in!!! and thats what i was thinking!!! and i dont understand how it doesnt go by rank, because what Im thinking is somebody with a lower rank then me can get in! Girl I dont know!
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    @ butterfly nurse Thanks girl so much! That's what I figured. For the pre-reqs I have left is the nursing intro class and the religion class which I was going to take in the summer anyway! But I will be sure to finish everything and keep calling like you say!!! I want them to get to know my name also so it could also give me a better chance at being accepted fully!
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    Yes girl keep calling! I will they will get tires of us and just give us spots lol!!!! Hey persistence does work And we just need to get good grades all As I believe we have a strong chance we just need to keep the faith and be prepared!
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    hahahaha right!!! Wellll we shall see and hope everything works out!!! Also she responds to my email or they answer my call I will call keep you updated on what they say!

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