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Hello :loveya:!!!! Has anyone applied for OLOL BSN Fall 2012??? I heard acceptance letters are to be sent out sometime this week. I very anxious, nervous and nauseous :confused:. If anybody else has applied for Fall 2012 can... Read More

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    @ Nelle0802Thank you, I am very excited!!! & yes God does answer prayers. I hope you are accepted as well, with your GPA I'm sure your acceptance letter is already in the mail. Also please K.I.T. maybe we can be study buddies. GOOD LUCK!!!!!!
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    I called the office today because I didn't get a letter today. Admissions told me the letters were sent out yesterday which is weird because you got yours yesterday...I hope it comes by tomm
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    Hi! I also applied to OLOL to get in for the Fall 2012 semester!! I havent' gotten my letter yet being that my address is in Texas... From your GPA that you said in an earlier comment, what classes did that include? I'm so anxious to know where I stand and I am hoping that I was accepted also!!
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    Dai12 Hi I don't live too far from Baton Rouge that's why I'm a little worried that is hasn't came yet. I have all the classes except Micro, Micro Lab, and Nutrition which I'm enrolled in this semester! How many classes do you have left? Or are you finished already?!!
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    That is weird! You should call to see what address you have on file! But right now what I have left is micro lab, religion, and the introduction to nursing program class, and for this current semester I'm in, I'm taking micro lab... I was going to take the other two in the summer of course if or when hopefully I'm excepted! What school did you take most of your classes at? I'm at Nicholls State right now! Have you heard if they are kind of easy to get in? The anticipation is killing me!
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    I called and admissions said it should be here by todayI took most of my classes at Southeastern...did you apply to Nicholls as well? I just applied there as a backup but my heart is really set on the Lake! What is your GPA at the Lake?!! I know they go off of the essay as well so hopefully we both did great and will be recieving acceptance letters soon
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    Ahh I hope so!!... Yes, I am applying to Nicholl's, but of course here we wouldn't know if were accepted til May 18! I really want to go to OLOL also, I need a change of school and I heard it was an excellent school! I think my GPA, if I did it right, is a 3.29 (My only C was in A&P1, which I took over and got a B, so I averaged them two together)! What classes were we suppose to average to find out the GPA anyway? & to me my essay was pretty good! I'm just as nervous and excited and overwhelmed as you! Trust me! For Nicholl's Nursing, my GPA is a 3.61 IF I get an A in Micro which I'm retaking now and I'm taking Philosophy now as my humanity, which I should get an A in also!
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    I got my letter today...I was placed on the alternate list  which is okay because i wasn't totally denied. I hope you get in though that will still be a blessing! They said they were pleases to inform me that I was put on that list so maybe they pick a few people from there every year I was numbed at first but I gotta keep the faith and know anything can happen with God on my side!
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    We need 61 hours total at OLOL! I which are all those sciences, 2 English, 2 humanities, communications, and 3 arts/science electives! My GPA at Nicholls is a 3.4 right now just missing the Micro as well so hopefully I can pull off an A in there and spike my GPA up a little. What have you heard were the going GPAs in the past semesters?!! I still want to get into OLOL...but on the other hand whatever God has for me I will take it

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