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    Has anyone heard anything about the accelerated program at EJ for the Fall 2009 class? I was wondering when they send out letters, even interview letters? Good luck to everyone!!

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    I wish they would get on with it! I called today, and still no interview letters. I'm not even sure if the committe for EJ has met yet. I heard it might not be until mid June. Does anyone know if Tulane applicants have been notified yet?
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    I called yesterday morning and they said they are not doing interviews for the EJ program and letters would be sent at the end of the month. I just hope that is the case because I can't stand waiting anymore!!
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    one of my friends applied to the tulane program and she got her letter yesterday, telling her she'd been accepted. i assume they didn't do interviews because as of a month ago they were still in contract negotiations with tulane (or at least that's what they told her when she called in mid-april). i guess they ran out of time. hnewman81's post is the first i've heard about no ej program interviews. that would be wonderful if we found out by the end of this month!!
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    I tried to get some info out of EJ & so did a friend of mine and all we got from them was "We don't know at this point." So, I am just wondering how solid that "no interview" info is, and if we will find out sooner than 2 mos before classes start. Doesn't Tulane start in July? If so, those applicants did not have very much time to prepare. Hope that doesnt happen to us! According to the secretary, they are still going through the applications. I've also tried to get info about the actualy program since it's changed from last year, but I didn't really get anywhere with that either. Last year, tuition was covered through HEARTS funding w/ a 6 month contract with the hospital. HEARTS did not renew the funding according to EJ, so if anyone has info relating to the new agreement, please do share!
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    What was your friends gpa.. etc?
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    I don't know her exact GPA, but I'm sure it's over 3.5. She's a good student, in her mid 30's, not married, no children. I'm sure she had excellent letters of reference and wrote a good essay.
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    I got a letter from OLOL today -- I got into the EJ program! The hospital isn't going to pay anyone's tuition this year, so I'm going to have to get a student loan for that. Obviously this means no guaranteed job upon graduation, but I'm just going to step out on faith that I'll find a job when I graduate. Hope you all got in too!!
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    Hey guys! I will be 30 this July and I wanted to know what the process is for the nursing program at EJ. I wanted to do the charity school of nursing but I will have to wait and yet to get in until fall 2011! I don't think I can wait that long! Please let me know how long you guys waited and the requirements are. Thanks
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    I am sooo nervous and waiting on my acceptance/rejection letter to the EJ program...congrats to noladancer!! Now that I know that the letters went out I am going to freak out until I get one...hope to find out soon!!

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