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Hi! Just wondering if anyone has applied to the accelerated nursing program at EJGH. Application deadline was March 15, and I am already anxious to receive a letter!! I know its going to be awhile, but was wondering if anyone... Read More

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    snickersBRaccel- I have been seeing a lot of bad reviews about accelerated program, is it really as bad as I'm hearing?

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    Just taking a little ride down memory lane here and wondering how everyone is doing now where they are... I'm 90 days+ into my RN job and it's a mixed bag. Surprisingly, I felt prepared for the patient care aspect of things, assessments, vital signs, lab values, etc. It's the hospital craziness that is freaking me out! What a subculture so unknown...The good news is that I am out of orientation and more than a few people felt I was competent to handle multiple patients "on my own." Yes OLOL was a nightmare. Yes many of the folks who taught my graduating class have hightailed as far and as fast away as they could get. I don't know how the program is now, but I would imagine that if real, practicing nurses are teaching, it will remain a legitimate program. I may be a new grad, but I feel that I am an asset to my unit and an advocate for my patients. Each day I get a little more confident. Some days are hell on earth; others I feel like I am the teacher. My good friend told me that nursing is going from student to teacher while staying a student. I think it's true. I'm glad to be practicing - always a little scared - but proud of what I do and my patients thank me every day. Remember Marlene Hurst "Stop the infusion and go find somebody who knows more than you do!" LOL
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    I'm so glad for you! I'm trying to be patient I applied for the program and just waiting for a letter in the mail. I really want to get into that program, I know it may be hectic but I'm up for it.

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