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Hi! Just wondering if anyone has applied to the accelerated nursing program at EJGH. Application deadline was March 15, and I am already anxious to receive a letter!! I know its going to be... Read More

  1. by   bundi356
    I did my 2nd go at looking on Craigs list under shared housing. Will be calling the EJGH OLOL office tomorrow to find our more sources. Ive also looked around the Tulane area on line. It seems there are a ton more "student" housing even though Im almost old enough to be their parent.

    Also trying to find out what text for pharmacology. I figured what the heck, I only have 4 classes for the summer and will be starting my BIO Nutrition class at the end of June. Just started my 3rd week in the two classroom classes - finishing up early/mid july the two internext courses that I started today finish up 1st week in August.

    We just moving from the big house (4k sq ft) to 1.5k sq ft. The move was a lot harder the building process.
  2. by   greenelle79
    I start the Tulane program end of next month and our pharmacology book is Clinical Drug Therapy: Rationales for Nursing Practice (current edition) by Abrams, Pennington.... Also, we'll be using Dosage Calculations (8th ed.) by Pickar and Abernethy. I'm sure y'all we'll be using the same books as well.
  3. by   kilroy was here...
    NolaDancer could not be any more accurate. This is an incredibly dysfunctional program, whether at EJ or Tulane. Find another program. Don't get hung up on the ten month time frame. It is ten months of frustration, low expectations, apathetic and disengaged instructors and administrators. It is possible you will fail a course, as the tests don't necessarily match the material taught. How long, how well, how hard you study has no bearing on how well you'll perform. Smart, focused students fail out at any point in the program. It can end up being a very expensive, very lengthy way to get an RN degree. Nursing shouldn't be taught in a condensed, accelerated time frame. It is too important a profession to try and absorb so much information in so little time, especially in such a poorly structured program. Like NolaDancer, I wish someone would have enlightened me and revealed the dirty little secret that OLOL is. There are very few students, if any, who finish that have anything positive to say about their experience. I finished, and I would NEVER recommend it to anyone.
  4. by   greenelle79
    ha! I see what you mean. I just want to finish this thing. Graduate in April, God willing. 1st ATI test on the 11th, i'm a little nervous about that. The only reason I chose this program was because I couldn't be unemployed any longer than 10months. Other accelerated programs were longer and I couldn't justify it given my situation. At least you are done and graduated Kilroy, right? Or are you in Tulane 2?
  5. by   kilroy was here...
    Thankfully finished, and passed NCLEX. All the best to you as you move forward.
  6. by   curiousKayPee
    snickersBRaccel- I have been seeing a lot of bad reviews about accelerated program, is it really as bad as I'm hearing?
  7. by   kitti419
    Just taking a little ride down memory lane here and wondering how everyone is doing now where they are... I'm 90 days+ into my RN job and it's a mixed bag. Surprisingly, I felt prepared for the patient care aspect of things, assessments, vital signs, lab values, etc. It's the hospital craziness that is freaking me out! What a subculture so unknown...The good news is that I am out of orientation and more than a few people felt I was competent to handle multiple patients "on my own." Yes OLOL was a nightmare. Yes many of the folks who taught my graduating class have hightailed as far and as fast away as they could get. I don't know how the program is now, but I would imagine that if real, practicing nurses are teaching, it will remain a legitimate program. I may be a new grad, but I feel that I am an asset to my unit and an advocate for my patients. Each day I get a little more confident. Some days are hell on earth; others I feel like I am the teacher. My good friend told me that nursing is going from student to teacher while staying a student. I think it's true. I'm glad to be practicing - always a little scared - but proud of what I do and my patients thank me every day. Remember Marlene Hurst "Stop the infusion and go find somebody who knows more than you do!" LOL
  8. by   curiousKayPee
    I'm so glad for you! I'm trying to be patient I applied for the program and just waiting for a letter in the mail. I really want to get into that program, I know it may be hectic but I'm up for it.