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I was recently accepted into Charity School of Nursing and LSU School of Nursing. I know one is an ADN and one is BSN. I want the BSN but I've heard so many positive experiences with charity and how... Read More

  1. by   apitslife
    Wow! What a controversy I started. I did get that info from my charity instructors at orientation.
  2. by   cpkRN
    Exactly. It's not the PUBLISHED, official numbers - those, of course, cannot be faked. It's the information that is being VERBALLY relayed to prospective students. When I was informed of pass rates, etc. by an advisor, I looked up the actuals on the LSBN site and they were no where near what was stated to me. Oh well, like I said it's still a respected school and Charity graduates great nurses. I was just very disappointed that school professionals would tell students one thing when the actual numbers were another (which were still excellent numbers, BTW).
  3. by   NStiger88
    To the Original Poster, did you end up picking a school??
  4. by   Smartferret
    The last published numbers from the LSBN website is for 2007. Perhaps they are giving you numbers from 2008 or 2009. These would be different from those from the LSBN and correct for their last graduating classes.
  5. by   JustKeepSmiling
    If anyone cares to know what I wound up doing.. I am in level 2 at Charity and occasionally wish I had picked LSU.

    I'm craving the theory to know WHY I am doing things. I look it up myself and when I try to share the knowledge I'm told "not to concern myself with that"

    GRRRRRR. I'm going for a BSN afterwards, to obtain personal knowledge of theory.