1. I have just applied to the CARE program for fall 2014 and got my interview date in March. I am so nervous because I don't know what to expect. Are there any people from the 2013 program? If so please comment and share your experiences. I am hoping for the 2014 to comment also because it would be nice to talk to you all before the letters go out.
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  3. by   lilytran42
    I too have applied and my scheduled date for the interview is February 15th (this Saturday). I'm so excited/nervous all at the same time!. Is your interview date March 8th?
  4. by   Alesana1625
    Hey I'm doing care too! My interview is tomorrow morning ahh
  5. by   Alesana1625
    hey lilytran! Yes I have my outfit, now just waiting to interview. I didn't know THAT many people applied to CARE. I'm feeling pretty good after having read some of the questions they ask and I'm just going to try and relax and take deep breaths lol. I seriously cannot wait until it's over though! Good luck with yours!
  6. by   lilytran42
    Alesana, how did yours go? I had 2 very inviting students, they were from the traditional program who interviewed me along with a professor. It was pretty laid back! I wished I would have elaborated more on each question, but what can I do now? The worse part is over and now we shall play the waiting game! I think I did pretty well impressing them with my position as a medical scribe. Hopefully we do hear back soon. I believe they say we will be hearing something by late march, early April.
  7. by   Alesana1625
    Ah! Finished my interview, so glad it's over. Don't be nervous at all guys, really the students/instructor I had were very nice.
  8. by   Alesana1625
    Hahah commenting twice here! Mine were pretty laid back too which was good. I've heard from some of my friends that the instructor that sits in was awful and asked random questions, but thankfully none of that today lol. Yeah, on the way to the interview I happened to mention that I'm in the public health program right now and she actually asked me an interview question about it, so it seemed kind of like a laid back, on the fly type of deal. And yes, they told me late march/early may as well. And yeah! I definitely thought of things I could have elaborated on afterwards, but considering I didn't pass out and overall I feel pretty good about it, I'm not going to sweat it too much.
  9. by   lilytran42
    Alesana Wow, I had a very nice instructor along with 2 nice students. I am glad it's over as well. so hoping for the best for all of us! did your friends apply to the CARE or traditional?
  10. by   Alesana1625
    She applied to the traditional twice and didn't get in, but it was for the best!
  11. by   Geeisme
    @lilytran42 yes my interview was the 8th. I am so excited about this program. Did any of you hear that we should here back from them late March early April or was it early may? I hope that I see and finally get to meet you all.
  12. by   lilytran42
    @geeisme I heard it will be late march early April. I really hope we all get in. Its getting me so nervous! I'm so ready to hear back from them. How did your interview go?
  13. by   Geeisme
    @lilytran42 it went well. The students who interviewed me told me I did really good on the interview, so I'm excited about that. However, I am a nervous wreak also!
  14. by   Alesana1625
    Ugh I am so anxious! The waiting is killing me.