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Is anyone applying to the LSU Traditional BSN program for Spring 2013? I haven't applied yet but plan on doing so. I'm really nervous, I have gone to a couple different schools so I think that my... Read More

  1. by   KristenNola
    @baileect, how did you activate your account? They sent you an activation letter? My orientation date is on Jan. 4, I can't belive that classes start on the 7th! That's like right around the corner! Is your orientation date the same?
  2. by   ysanchez0216
    I went to drop off the health papers today and I just used the one that was on the website for new students, she accepted and said everything was perfect! @baileect please let us know how you activated your account because I havent been able to do that either. My orientation is the 4th as well Im assuming that'll be for everyone. Also, does anyone know anything about an advising date? and how or when we are supposed to find out about it?
  3. by   tayki923
    @baileect, a friend of mine and I will be commuting from the Mandeville/Covington area! Where do you live?
  4. by   baileect
    ysanchez0216 and KristenNola I sent my $50 and acceptance form confirmation in the day after I got my letter which was last Thursday I think? So after they got it and I guess filed it in their system, they sent me and Email to activate my new account. Just keep checking your mail if you've already sent in your money. Also, my orientation is January 4! But classes don't begin until January 9...still it is coming up so soon!

    @tayki923 I live in mandeville, near the lakefront. It would be awesome to get a carpool going if we end up having same time classes. I know that everyone will have an 8am class their sophomore I semester
  5. by   tayki923
    @baileect We'd be meeting in Mandeville! My friend who I'm carpooling with also lives by the lakefront. She also knows another girl who wants in. So if you want to, that would make four of us! We could do it by week or something, so each of us would only have drive one week a month. The schedule is set mostly the same for the entire class, with the exception of phys lab and our intro class. For those two, you're assigned a time. So our schedules may vary a little bit a couple days a week. Let me know if you're interested! Facebook chat or something might be easier than talking about it on here.

    For anyone one else who wants to know, this is our schedule:
    Monday: Anatomy 9-10
    Tuesday: Phys 8-10; Phys Lab 1-3
    Wednesday: Anatomy 10-11
    Thursday: Intro 8-10 OR 10-12; Abnormal Psych 1-4
    Friday: Phys 8-10; Anatomy 10-11

    Anatomy lab is either Monday or Wednesday 1-4. Supposedly they assign you one or the other for Anatomy lab and Intro, but you apparently can switch if needed. The schedule supposedly NEVER changes semester to semester, and this is from two friends of mine who just finished up first semester.
  6. by   KristenNola
    Does anyone know anything about financial aid?
  7. by   baileect
    Okay look me up on Facebook, I don't know your name to look it up
  8. by   EmilyKR
    I still haven't gotten a letter... Anyone else? Does anyone know how they are going to manage late acceptance forms because of the delay?
  9. by   NolaM
    @EmilyKR You definitely aren't the only one, I haven't received one either and I've seen a couple of people on this message board who haven't as well. I'm just trying to remain hopeful, but I'm also beginning to put plan B into action.
  10. by   EmilyKR
    Me too! If I don't get a letter today, I may have to go to the student affairs office and annoy them until I get an answer.. This is beyond ridiculous. School starts in a month!
  11. by   purpledaisy
    i am to the point that i am highly disappointed with the school. Apparently they don't have it together whatsoever. if i would have known it was going to be like this, i wouldn't have applied. it's absolutely ridiculous to claim they're still in the acceptance process for applicants, when some already have their schedules. not only that, but if i don't get in, i need to start school next semester elsewhere! it's inconsiderate and unprofessional, and i guess i will be the first person to point it out on here lol.
  12. by   tayki923
    @baileect what are you listed as?
  13. by   kadams1025
    It could be too many for one car, but if it works out we have a bunch of people I'm coming from Bedico, right outside of Madisonville, so I'd be taking the causeway and would love to carpool.