LSU BSN program Spring 2013 - page 21

Is anyone applying to the LSU Traditional BSN program for Spring 2013? I haven't applied yet but plan on doing so. I'm really nervous, I have gone to a couple different schools so I think that my... Read More

  1. by   Mie'sWay
    Charity is two years associate, lsu is three years bachelor @annaBG
  2. by   JNStringer
    Is anyone thinking of going to Holy Cross college?
  3. by   cfiest01
    STILL nothing in the mail today!! UGHHHH!
  4. by   StirFry
    Hey Everyone!!! Congrats on being accepted, I'm excited to meet everyone!! I am in the process of getting an apartment in NOLA so if anyone is looking for a roommate feel free to message me for information! Also does anyone know what we might need (or suggestions)for class or if there is a dress code?
  5. by   kadams1025
    I am considering Holy Cross, my neighbor just graduated and she recommended I apply.
  6. by   tayki923
    I got my acceptance letter Thursday in Mandeville! A friend of mine in Mandeville did as well! Can't wait to meet everyone in January! Best of luck to everyone who hasn't received a letter yet. I've heard of them mailing acceptance letters out at different times. To anyone else from the Mandeville/Covington area, my friend and I will be carpooling if anyone else is interested!
  7. by   ashleyBR
    @StirFry what's your email? I found a house in lakeview, if anyone is interested I need a third roommate. You can email me with more details my email is
  8. by   JNStringer
    Do y'all think they send out letters according to interviews? my interview was on sept 15th....any of y'all who have gotten letters interview on the 15th?
  9. by   KristenNola
    No, I had my interview on Oct. 20. I'm surprised they didn't send them all out at the same time because we have to confirm our placement with a $50 fee on December 7. They're kinda cutting it close by holding out on sending letters. Maybe if you call them and tell them your name they can tell you over the phone if you were accepted or not?
  10. by   KEMnola
    My interview was on Sept. 15 and I got my letter last Thursday (I live in Metairie). I hope everyone who hasn't gotten a letter yet gets one soon! Congrats to everyone...can't wait to meet y'all!
  11. by   nurse.stg
    They probably sent out yes letters first and holding out on the rest. It's not like they are going to be honest and tell us yeah we're done sending out acceptance letters. Just my opinion though...
  12. by   Thuyti3n
    No they haven't mail out all the acceptance yet... my friend applied last semester she didn't get a yes till two weeks after they started mailing. I mean really think about it.. It's not possible that 100 acceptance will go out the same time. They're prolly still in process of it plus it depends on your postal office nearby organizing hundreds of letters a day. Don't give up on hope!
  13. by   purpledaisy
    I didn't get a letter yet today... Again! It's Dec 3rd... If we have to let them know we want our spot by Dec 7th it seems like they would have sent them all by now. :/