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Is anyone applying to the LSU Traditional BSN program for Spring 2013? I haven't applied yet but plan on doing so. I'm really nervous, I have gone to a couple different schools so I think that my... Read More

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    Hey guys! I talked to the nursing advisor at LSU last Friday and she said they will start mailing letters out on the 26th, which is after Thanksgiving. I am also waiting for my letter . I am anxious too. But patient is what we can do now till then. Good luck to everyone!

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    so they'll be sent out tomorrow! I wonder how long it's going to take for them to get to our houses.....ahhh
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    Probably one to two days for who live closer to NO and more for who live out of LA.
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    I wish I'd found this thread sooner! I've been an increasingly nervous wreck for the last few weeks. I applied for Spring as well. I called the student affairs office last Monday and was told that they hadn't sent anything and I didn't need to call, as I would get a letter. I kindly apologized and said, "If I have to respond within 10 days, it's likely that I'll call again." haha.So glad to hear that they're mailing starting today. I hope they all go out at once.
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    I just called the letters still haven't been mailed...this sucks!!!
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    Ugh really? They are taking entirely too long this time.
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    This is absolutely absurd! And extremely unprofessional. Did they say anything else when u guys called??
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    Nope... I just asked if they mailed the letters for the spring applicants? She replied no then I said thank you and hung up the phone.
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    I don't think the desk people would know anything. Just be patient, the letters should be mailing out. When I called a lady said she has no idea it should be soon. Also, Med students got their letters a week ago. Nursing should be next.
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    I just called them up to check on status of the letters. They said its going out today which means for those living in NOLA letters might be in Tom since they just mailed them out. And out of state applicants in 2 days or so. GOODLUCK EVERYONE!

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