Louisiana College Accelerated Nursing Program

  1. Did anyone apply to Louisiana College's Accelerated Nursing Program in Pineville, La? Or does any one know any info about it?
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  3. by   mimsiemendez
    I have applied.
  4. by   Medtech2005
    did you hear anything yet?
  5. by   mimsiemendez
    I haven't heard anything, not even when they will send out letters
  6. by   Medtech2005
    Hey where are from? What college did you go to? Whats your degree in?
  7. by   mimsiemendez
    I have a bachelors in computer information systems. I had an interview last week. They said they should be mailing out offers soon. How about u
  8. by   Medtech2005
    I also had an interview last week on thursday. Maybe we saw each other. What end of the table did you sit? Describe yourself.
  9. by   mimsiemendez
    I had a phone interview.
  10. by   mimsiemendez
    I decided to attend another accelerated program in Orlando. I'm a month into it already. Good luck to everyone who will attend Louisiana College.
  11. by   Terika9
    Hi, I just applied to LC for the fall. What do u think about the program? Please give me some feedback.
  12. by   Bott
    I graduated from LC in summer 2010 and a bunch of people in our class passed NCLEX after only taking 75 questions - and some of them were not the top students in the program. I heard that the first group of ABSN students who were getting ready to graduate at Christmas 2010 had really high scores on the HESI exam - a lot of them scored over 1000 and the national pass mark is set at 850. So things are looking good for that nursing program.
  13. by   Medtech2005
    Hi Bott, I was in the first group to graduate from the ABSN program from LC, Christmas 2010.
  14. by   Bott
    According to The Town Talk (the local newspaper) last week, the first group of accelerated students who graduated in December 2010 passed the NCLEX with a 100% pass rate. There were 17 students who graduated and over half of them managed to pass the NCLEX after taking just 75 questions - the minimum number of questions (out of 265) to be able to take to pass the exam.