Louisiana College Accelerated Nursing Program

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    Did anyone apply to Louisiana College's Accelerated Nursing Program in Pineville, La? Or does any one know any info about it?
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    I have applied.
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    did you hear anything yet?
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    I haven't heard anything, not even when they will send out letters
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    Hey where are from? What college did you go to? Whats your degree in?
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    I have a bachelors in computer information systems. I had an interview last week. They said they should be mailing out offers soon. How about u
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    I also had an interview last week on thursday. Maybe we saw each other. What end of the table did you sit? Describe yourself.
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    I had a phone interview.
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    I decided to attend another accelerated program in Orlando. I'm a month into it already. Good luck to everyone who will attend Louisiana College.
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    Hi, I just applied to LC for the fall. What do u think about the program? Please give me some feedback.

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