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Did anyone apply to Louisiana College's Accelerated Nursing Program in Pineville, La? Or does any one know any info about it?... Read More

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    I graduated from LC in summer 2010 and a bunch of people in our class passed NCLEX after only taking 75 questions - and some of them were not the top students in the program. I heard that the first group of ABSN students who were getting ready to graduate at Christmas 2010 had really high scores on the HESI exam - a lot of them scored over 1000 and the national pass mark is set at 850. So things are looking good for that nursing program.

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    Hi Bott, I was in the first group to graduate from the ABSN program from LC, Christmas 2010.
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    According to The Town Talk (the local newspaper) last week, the first group of accelerated students who graduated in December 2010 passed the NCLEX with a 100% pass rate. There were 17 students who graduated and over half of them managed to pass the NCLEX after taking just 75 questions - the minimum number of questions (out of 265) to be able to take to pass the exam.
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    Yes....that is true. I was on of the 17. I saw that in the news paper. I passed with 75 questions. Im so grateful to God because the program was not easy. If you graduated in the summer, I am sure we know each others face.
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    Yes we must. I hear that the group who are getting ready ready to graduate also did well on the HESI final exam.
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    A friend from work sent me this link to the nursing school website

    Accelerated B.S.N. Program | Louisiana College

    The ABSN has had considerable success since its launch in 2009. There have been two graduating classes, each with a 100% first time pass rate in the national NCLEX nursing licensure examinations. The success of the program in preparing LC graduates for this exam is demonstrated by 83% of the latest cohort of graduates only requiring the minimum of 75 questions in order to pass the NCLEX exam. The level of professional preparation provided through the ABSN program is outstanding when compared against national standards.

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