How is it to work at Ochsner? How is it to work at Ochsner? - pg.2 | allnurses

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How is it to work at Ochsner? - page 2

:) I'll be taking my LPN boards in May '04 and I heard that Ochsner Foundation is a great place to work, especially for new nurses. Is that true? I would love to hear from a nurse who works there.... Read More

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    Quote from justblink
    And they have raised New Grad rates. It's $22.50 for days now. I'm a new grad.
    Yay! I got a raise already and I haven't even started yet! LOL!
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    I work at ochsner as a PCT and love it!! I will graduate in may and will plan to work there. My unit is awesome and I think it will be an easier transition for me to work there right out of school. Goodluck everyone!