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Hi to all Louisiana nurses from here in the Northwest Corner of our fair state. I work in Shreveport. Hope to talk to ya'll soon. Sheila :)... Read More

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    Originally posted by glascow
    Hi, I graduated from LSU-E, then went to USL (when it was still USL), and now am at Loyola in the NP program.
    I am currently nursing in Lafayette. We have several new hospitals opening soon, so if any of you students are looking for a job, they should have some here!
    What about in other areas of LA? Are many new hospitals going up?
    I'm wondering what's going to happen at LSU medical center today, the ax is supposed to fall.
    GLAS- IT so nice to meet a nurse so close to me, Can u tell me if u enjoyed LSU_E, i really wish i could just forgo being a LPN and go directly into thier program, but its just so darn hard to get into from what i hear, I have not yet applied, there. I just hear how hard it is to get in. This is why i am going the LPN route, Yeah and USL is NOW ULL,, By the way di du find the transition to UL hard from LSU_E, I mean concerning all the exam by credit test, and the profile test u can take to skip courses
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    I loved LSU-E. It is a tough school to get in (even in the early 90's!). You should atleast apply.
    When I went back for my BSN at ULL, I was able to test out of all but the last 2 semesters of the program. I did have to take all of the pre-reqs, that is what was time consuming.
    To test out they give you the NLN exam, it was pretty easy. I think I ended up challenging about 100 hours.
    For the LPN to RN program, the LPNs aren't allowed to test out of that many classes.
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    I'm looking at the ads on the top of the page, and see this one..
    Prentice Hall's Nursing ...
    Billie A. Wilson

    The author of that book is my instructor this semester! Dr. Wilson.
    Just thought I'd share! BTW, that book is required for her class!
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    I have a cousin who got into la. tech fairly quickly for the clinical portion. You might want to look into this route although you may have to relocate to ruston.
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    I'm from Louisiana, (don't live there anymore but family still does). What's going on w/ LSU Med Center???

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