ever not had your CEU's and needed them for Reinstatement

  1. [color=#993399][font=book antiqua]hello - i am hoping that someone here can help me with a reinstatement issue, i am a relatively new nurse and i have managed to have a catastrophe that delayed my on time renewal of license - so the day late that i applied, of course now i have to do the reinstatement.
    this being totally new to me, i have no idea of what this or any board will do to someone in my situation. ......so any knowledge of priors may soothe my mind, and if outcomes are not favorable then at least i will be prepared.
    [font=book antiqua][color=#993399]the issue at hand is;
    [font=book antiqua][color=#993399]i have recently gone through a horrible separation and all of my belongings are in "limbo" , not to mention
    [font=book antiqua][color=#993399]5 and a half hours a way, and i have no means to get anything that i need as far as my posessions, much less my paper work for my ceu's . i have attempted to get help from the x but that just ain't happening.

    [font=book antiqua][color=#993399]i know you would say just go print them from where you took them. i wish it were that easy, not only is he an hemorrhoid, he is also a computer whiz and apparently has deleted my account from med scape not to mention my emails and any other sites and info that were important to me! i have attempted to contact medscape with no success of resolving anything, just more hulla-belue there too. i am a wreck and need to go to work bad!!!!!
    [font=book antiqua][color=#993399]what in the messin world am i gonna do!!!
    [font=book antiqua][color=#993399]
    [font=book antiqua][color=#993399]i cannot call the board and give them this drama!!!! they will assume that i need therapy instead of a "j-o-b"!!! humor aside, i am not sure how gracious they will be when i tell them all this "mess" and i cannot lie, horrible at fabrications - anything would sound better - i am so embarrased and realy intimidated when it comes to contact with the board!

    [font=book antiqua][color=#993399]- please someone tell me if you have ever not had your ceu's and needed them for reinstatement - i may be the only person alive to let this happen, but i am desperate to know if anyone, please please! - can just give me a heads up on what may come of this!
    [font=book antiqua][color=#993399]i have started retaking the ceu's and am hoping that if i submit them, that i can still get my license reinstated. god help!
    [font=book antiqua][color=#993399]free lesson!!!!!
    [font=book antiqua][color=#993399]********************do not put shortcuts to all important sites on your desktop!!!!+++++++++++++
    [font=book antiqua][color=#993399]use a password that no one can figure out!!!!+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +
    [font=book antiqua][color=#993399]just desperate for advice
    [font=book antiqua][color=#993399]****and worried about my kids and myself surviving!!! *****

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