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  1. 0 [FONT="Georgia"]Anybody apart of Dillard's Nursing Program? Or waiting for their letter for this upcoming Fall semester?

    Never seen anyone discuss Dillard on this board.
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    Happified, are you applying to Dillard? So little is said about that program. Their NCLEX pass rates have been 100% for the past 2 years. However, the program appears to be very, very small - 9 people took the NCLEX in 2008 and 8 took it in 2009.
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    Where is the Dillard program?
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    Dillard is a historically black university in New Orleans (Gentilly, to be exact). Suprisingly there isn't much info on their nursing program on the website; just a general overview.
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    Yes, I am. You're very right about that, not many take the NCLEX or graduate on time. But those that do seem to do very well. I've been there for a year, now I'm waiting on my acceptance letter for the Nursing Program. The program isn't that small, its just soo many drop out or change majors and only a few complete the program on time.

    Dillard University is in New Orleans, La.