CSN Mental Health ??

  1. I have a silly question for anyone who has been through mental health at Charity..Do you still have to wear your hair up and wear uniforms to clinicals?
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  3. by   hs2005
    Depends where you are doing your clinicals. Some hospitals prefer that a uniform is not worn and others require you wear one. Most of the facilities did not require. I know that EJGH did require a uniform.
  4. by   mimimartina
    Thanks, I'm going to be at St. Charles Parish Hospital Psych.
  5. by   futurenursela
    My friends at St. Charles wore scrubs..your choice of colors. I would avoid bright colors! hehe
  6. by   mimimartina
    Hey, futurenursela, was your friend days or evenings? Did she have to wear her hair up?
  7. by   .Walker.

    We didn't wear our white uniforms at St. Charles. I was in nights and we could wear dress casual clothes or scrubs. We all chose to wear scrubs. No royal blue - the patients wear royal blue.

    Your hair has to be up solely to protect you from any potential hairpulling. (it's not likely, but certainly possible...sort of like not being able to wear hoop earrings.)

    Good luck!