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Hi, well have been at CSN an entire week now ! Thought it would never happen and now that it has,,,I have not stopped. I have not stopped studying throughout our long weekend. 1st test next Monday,,,is everyone else sailing... Read More

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    jemommy- since you have been at Charity for a while have you been seeing changes in the way things are done? I am hearing lots of rumors about high failure rates and a lot of people having to repeat semesters, tests becoming much harder etc. Have you found this stuff to be true?

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    what level at csn are you in/ do you have any advice for newcomers? I have lots of anxiety about clinicals..what will I be responsible for? everything? I also have lots to learn about dosage calc. I will be starting in Fall. I doubt myself often(im working on that!)and I fear I will goof on things I shouldnt because of being nervous in clinicals..Do you gets lots of practice before ckinicals.Is each student responsible for their own patient? Im looking for what to expect as its a fear of mine! thanks for any help you can offer!!!:spin:
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    Dosage Calc is really easy, if you know how to do math. The rest is conversion, the hardest part is going back and forth b/w metric and apothecary (drams, minims, etc.) If you have the time and/or money DCC City Park has a Dosage Calc class and a Pharm class, both undergrad that will help you loads in your first semester. As for Clinicals, we learned on last Tuesday and have until this Friday (a week and a half) to do our check-off, not that bad, lots of time to practice. Oh well .... Our first test is tomorrow .... time to study. Good luck and will give you more info as the semester goes on.
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    Thank you MartinEMT,
    I appreciate any and all input. I hope all goes well with your test today.What kinds of things were you expected to know for your 1st test?
    Thanks again!!!
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    sooooooooooooooo how was the 1st test?? did everyone survive??
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    I survived the 1st test,,,actually came out OK...now tomorrow is sterile dressing change check off,,,one stressor after another....

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