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Hi everyone! I was hoping to get some advice through this thread. I will be starting school in Jan of 2012. I was hoping to see which hospital everyone thought was good. I also wanted to know which books is a must have when... Read More

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    I'm a 3rd level and parking is ridiculous!! I know when I was in Basics the free Tulane lot was open but they have since closed it. LSU bought out the lot next to St Joseph's Church so that's not available anymore either!! I park in the garage on Freret. It's 5 dollars a day and has security cameras. It's about a 4 block walk to school but as long as it's not raining it's good exercise. Just make sure not to be late!! I only have class 2 days a week and then I'm at the hospital 2 nights a week and we start clinicals in week 2 so I'm not sure if parking will be a problem for y'all. Probably not bc NAC 1, 3rd level and NAC 2 all start clinicals in week 2. Good luck!!

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    ..and btw don't buy into the fact that University is best. It all depends on your INSTRUCTOR! My Basics instructor was amazing. I was at Slidell and got more experience doing things than my friends who were at University. But I had an awesome instructor who made sure to grab us every time a possible learning experience popped up. So in Basics I had already d/c'd a Foley, emptied a Jackson Pratt wound vac, given IM and SQ injections (a LOT), d/c'd an IV, sat in on a PICC insertion and assisted, switched out a Foley bag, helped program pumps, helped mix meds/insulins...I could go on and on. I was in NAC 1 with someone who had done her clinicals at University in Basics and STILL had never d/c'd a Foley or given an IM injection!! So you really need to look at what people have to say about the instructor and not the clinical site. For NAC 1 I was at an LTAC center and saw 10 X more than I ever thought I would. But, once again, my instructor was amazing!!
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    Thanks davidnikkitylerskye for the post.

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