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I just submitted my application to Charity School of Nursing for the Spring 2013 semester. The deadline is May 15, 2012. Has anyone else out there applied for this semester?... Read More

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    Quote from StudentEtc.
    Hey, Jade -- when did you talk to your instructor??? Just curious
    She wrote it in an email to our team. I haven't talked to her yet though.

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    Hello Naeema_rnhopeful, I'm not sure how many students were accepted in for this spring, but I pray that you are in for the fall!
    Quote from Naeema_rnhopeful
    Hey guys..First of all congrats to all of you !! I know this is off subject, but I wanted to know how many applicants were accepted in to the program for Spring 2013? I recently submitted my application for Fall 2013 and I am so nervous. I want
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    Just so I'm clear: we don't have any assignments due tomorrow, do we? I triple-checked BB, but I just want to be sure I haven't missed anything.... Thanks
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    Do we have to bring our nursing kit, stethoscope, etc. tomorrow?
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    Thanks Nurse_van2014 !! How is your first semester coming? Is it demanding as everyone says it is?
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    From what I understand, we don't bring all of that stuff (stethescope, kit, etc.) until NEXT tuesday. Right?? lol now you have me questioning myself... guess I'll bring it just in case!
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    Yeah I remember them saying white uniforms and stuff next week
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    I remember them saying the white uniforms in the second week. In the email that was sent out it said to make sure we had our materials needed next week meaning this week bc email was sent last week. So I was confused also. Thanks for the input.
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    Soo confused!!!
    No email for me
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    Hello guys from my understanding we do not need equipment until the 28th which is when we wear our uniform. As far as assignments we have two consent forms that my instructor had us print for tomorrow and a few reading assignments.

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