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I just submitted my application to Charity School of Nursing for the Spring 2013 semester. The deadline is May 15, 2012. Has anyone else out there applied for this semester?... Read More

  1. by   mistiweedman
    I sent my application off last Monday for the 2013 Spring semester. But my profile score was only 65. I got really discouraged when I read they will not be accepting anyone that got under a 75. Or what that for this fall semester?
  2. by   Mamisu
    I had a 65 profile score and got in for fall 2012. It was my first time applying. I've heard that spring semester's cut off is lower than the fall because there are less people applying than the fall. So don't worry, have faith that you will get in! Don't listen to discouraging comments from people!
  3. by   KristenNola
    @mistiweedman, 75 was the minimum profile score for Fall 2012 applicants. The minimum score depends on the ratio of people that apply and how many they can admit. I've heard that generally spring applicants are fewer than fall applicants because people would rather start school in the fall after summer break. So the profile score for spring admission may be lower than 75.
  4. by   letter-anyday-now
    Well I didn't get in for fall 2012 but hopefully after all the hard work i put in to complete all the pre-reqs will pay off. We wont find out until September-October according to the director.
  5. by   tired_of_waiting
    That late? On the DCC website it says that the letters go out mid July.
  6. by   KristenNola
    I was told by someone in Admissions in October as well. But it does say on their website middle of July. So I don't know, maybe they say October so people won't get upset when they're not received in July and complain that so and so said we would get them bu July.
  7. by   tired_of_waiting
    Who knows when it comes to DCC. Oh well, I was hoping they'd send them out at the time they say on their website that way if I don't get in, again, I can know for sure if I'll need to take extra classes so I can apply elsewhere. I'm just gona go ahead and take more classes in the Fall in case I do need to apply to Southeastern.
  8. by   Shawnney
    I spoke to Charity Admissions and they told me that the letters wouldn't go out until late September or October. The reason I was told was that the "committee" doesn't meet in the summer so no decisions can be made until the Fall. I suggested that the information regarding decisions being made in July be corrected.

    Someone earlier had asked about the HESI -- I concentrated on Math because I took math so long ago. But don't forget about A&P either. My lowest score was in A&P and my highest was Math. I laughed because I really didn't look at A&P because I was in the middle of the semester and was studying it anyway didn't see the point. Not so. Just practice, practice, practice the math, English (grammar) and review vocabulary (I made flash cards). Biology -- I reviewed my old notes and tests and did fine.
  9. by   KristenNola
    I'm getting nervous! My profile score is 75 and I read that Fall's cutoff score was 75, but I'm nervous that possible budget cuts may raise the score. I don't feel as confident as I once did. I'm taking Micro over the summer so hopefully that'll raise my profile score since that will make my pre-reqs all completed! Does anyone know how many people they admit?
  10. by   KristenNola
    OMG, so I just re did my profile score and I don't know why I've been thinking its 75, I must have miscalculated it beofre but it turns out that I have an 85! So excited! So I'm hoping that after I complete Micro that would boost my score to a 90. I hope that's enough to get in!
  11. by   tired_of_waiting
    @KristenNola, YOUR FINE! Having an 85 is sure to get you in, I even think you would be ok with a 75.
  12. by   cfiest01
    How do we calculate our profile score exactly?
  13. by   Mamisu
    Quote from cfiest01
    How do we calculate our profile score exactly?
    You have to print out the profile sheet from Charity's website. The sheet has everything you need with the points you should have of whatever you have accomplished. Be the most honest you can be that way you have an accurate profile score.