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Hello all, I have been looking around at the website for a while now but just decided to join today. Am about to apply to Charity SON for the Spring 2012 class. I just took my TEAS two days ago and... Read More

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    they are expensive without insurance, i have a good bit of vaccs done, im doing the titers wednesday, and im hoping to find some time to get the physical knocked out maybe thursday or tuesday of next week. i dont really have any other suggestions besides the ones they gave us but from what i understand from other people the vaccs are probably the fairest at concentra or ej after hours clinic

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    Thanks for the info, where are you getting the titers run I was going to go to the Innovative place in New Orleans unless something is closer to Metairie area
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    im getting the titers from the innovative risk place as well, i called and the price is like 80 for both...i just dont think im going to find a competitive price to that especially since i am paying out of pocket, i would love if it was in metairie or kenner, but im not going to complain it wont kill to to drive to new orleans...especially since we will everyday anyway soon
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    I'm getting everything done at my PCP office. I want it all to be done at one place since I have had some problems with documentation in the past. I just had my titers, TDAP and Meningitis update, physical exam, and will have my third and final round of Hep done by November. The last few weeks have made me feel like a glorified pin cushion. On a side note, has anyone been advised yet?
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    no i havent been advised yet, i havent even received the letter! did you get the letter in the mail yet about advising?
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    just an update for yall....i finally got in touch with someone from admissions and our letters about advising are being mailed out the end of next week.

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