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Hello all, I have been looking around at the website for a while now but just decided to join today. Am about to apply to Charity SON for the Spring 2012 class. I just took my TEAS two days ago and got a 84.7 which brings my... Read More

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    You have to consider what is more convenient in terms of schools so SELU would be better in that regard. It will just be a heavier load each semester. Do you have kids or plan to work part-time, that will be extremely difficult in a BSN program.

    Still, with your scores, I'm shocked that you didn't get in to Charity. There must have been a ton of applicants because I know current students who have gotten in with lower TEAS scores and definately lower GPA's than what you have. Do dont feel bad about not getting in, you did have good scores.


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    This is totally off the subject of Charity Nursing--I am moving to Covington next week and have a working interview with BlueBonnet Dental in Mandeville. Anybody know if they're good people to work with? I know for a fact the BR branch has a high turn over rate. I'm just reallllllly nervous about the transition because I'm from North Louisiana and am not used to the culture. I also have a twangy country accent but I tend to not let that get in the way lololol but still! I just want to succeed down here Any input is greatly appreciated about the Northshore.
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    I lived in Mandeville til I was 18 and I loved it. I moved to Metairie when I started UNO and then I realized just how nice it was to be in Mandeville. I don't know much about that dental office, but people are pretty nice and accepting here and a little country accent isn't going to affect anything. I'm sure everyone would like you!
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    Mandeville is a nice place. Quiet. Kinda boring. Great place to raise a family. Oh, and expensive.
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    Oh yessssssss, I've definitely felt the effects of the expensiveness in the Mandeville/Covington area, but hey--that's why I am going into nurse anesthesia so I can afford to live there--lol just kidding. Thanks for the insight. I've been coming down about a year now consistently because of my boyfriend, and everytime I'm down I get ridiculed for my accent. My accent is so bad I get mocked up here! I've considered speech therapy. I have tried to not let it get to me so much--but when people have been mocking you since the first day of highschool 9 yrs ago about the way you's hard to shake off. I just don't want the culture to eat me alive. Okay, now I'm just whining Good luck with Charity you guys!
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    Sorry i was gone for vacation. Honestly I don't even know what my profile score was because 2 people gave me different scores. First lady said I was a 55 second said i was a 45. I have a 3.6 GPA and a little higher for the nursing curriculum. My teas was pretty crappy a 78. I only had A&P I and II left to take. Thing is at LSU both A&Ps are combined so maybe I did get my 10 points for that part. I think what helped me was the fact that I was in nursing school at LSU when I applied so I'm guessing that helped me? In my opinion they do run by the profile scores, but they also consider other things as well.
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    Are these acceptance letters for spring 2012????
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    Hi all!

    I applied at Charity School of Nursing for the Spring 2012 term. I haven't heard anything from them. I turned it in on MARCH 15TH 2011 and that was a days before the due date. I read on the site that I would recieve a ''folder status'' with in 60 days to let you know they recieved you app. I haven't recied that either. Any word from them to any of you. Will the uncertainty ever end?!?!?!?! I want this more than anything!! Thank you for any help!
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    You should have gotten something by now for 2012 because letters for acceptance were due on May 20th
    you can call the office of admissions and they will tell you whats going on.
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    Quote from kelbert82
    You should have gotten something by now for 2012 because letters for acceptance were due on May 20th
    you can call the office of admissions and they will tell you whats going on.

    Oh man!! So even if I was accepted I may not be able to get in. So a reponse of acceptance for spring 2012 was due back by May 20th?

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