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Hello all, I have been looking around at the website for a while now but just decided to join today. Am about to apply to Charity SON for the Spring 2012 class. I just took my TEAS two days ago and got a 84.7 which brings my... Read More

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    Off the record...

    I called over at Charity about a week ago and asked about something unrelated, and while I was on the phone the lady I was talking to looked me up and said they were deciding this week who was in and who wasn't (which means last week), but said that I was "definitely" in. My profile score is a 70, I think.

    Good luck to all the applicants

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    I have been calling to try and make sure that my TEAS scores were received can't seem to get in touch with anyone. I brought them into the office to make sure they got them but you never know papers can get lost so thats awesome if you got in. Hope to get good news as well.Good luck
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    Called Charity today to check on some paperwork that was turned in and letters willl be out in 2 weeks they said.Good luck to everyone can't wait
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    does anyone know what the cut off score was!!!!
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    My score was 65 so I am assuming that it was between 55-60 to start thats what it was last semester.
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    I called today and the lady looked me up and said I'm in!!!! yay!!! good luck to everyone else! And congratz to those of you who got in!!
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    I called last week and was also accepted didn't want to spoil the news for anyone else yet but I am so excited and nervous at the same time. Good luck to everyone
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    I'm new to the site... been keeping an eye on this board. What were yall's profile scores? Congratulations on your acceptance!! Hoping for good news as well!
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    From the numbers on the latest profile sheet for 2012 I had between a 60-65
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    Got my acceptance package today!!! Yayyy I'm in! Good luck everyone!!

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